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Why a Chipped Tooth Needs Prompt Repair Dallas, GA
Chipped Tooth Pain

It typically doesn’t take long to call a dentist when a tooth gets chipped. The immediate concern for most patients is the aesthetic threat of having a broken or chipped tooth, especially if it is in the front of the mouth. However, all types of tooth fractures need attention, even the painless minor chip that no one sees in the back of your smile. Aesthetics are just one of several dangers of ignoring a chipped tooth or delaying its repair.

When a tooth is chipped, the enamel of the tooth is undoubtedly damaged in some way. Since we need this outer layer to protect the health of the tooth, the fracture needs to be restored. Depending on how extensive the tooth damage, treatments such as bonding, veneers or a dental crown can be used. A dentist needs to determine how best to repair a chipped tooth so that it addresses the cosmetic imperfection while also restoring the health and integrity of the tooth going forward.

Think you’re okay to wait to repair a chipped tooth. Your tooth chip may not be causing you pain or sensitivity right now, but there is a risk of the chip becoming greater as time goes on. Every time you bite and chew, your teeth are subjected to immense amounts of bite pressure. When a tooth is chipped, it may not be structurally sound enough to withstand the repetitive pressure from your bite. This can lead to worsening damage and more costly and extensive treatment.

Don’t assume your chipped tooth is no big deal. Let our dentists take a look at any type of tooth fracture, including minor chips on your molars. The repairs may be easier and more affordable than you may think. At Family Smiles Dental, we realize accidents happen. Your teeth are remarkably strong, but even healthy teeth break, chip or crack. Call our office today to learn more about chipped tooth repair from a skilled dentist in Dallas, Georgia.

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