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CEREC Same Day Dentistry

A damaged tooth can be painful. When it is an anterior tooth, it can destroy the appeal of your smile. Family Smiles Dental offers CEREC same day dentistry. This means we examine the damaged tooth, and through the advancements of modern dental technology, we can provide you with a dental crown the same day. CEREC dental crowns make it possible to restore broken, damaged or weakened teeth in one visit to the dentist, saving you time and money.

CO2 Laser Dentistry

Dental technology has advanced further than you may realize. With CO2 laser dentistry, we are able to perform dental procedures, such as fillings, and minimally invasive surgical procedures with little to no discomfort for patients. Say goodbye to annoying anesthetic injections. Laser dentistry allows the dentist to prep a filling without anesthetic.

Digital X-Rays

For decades, there have been discussions regarding the safety of dental x-rays. Now with digital technology, we can see what is happening below the surface with even less exposure to gamma rays. Additionally, the results are immediately available. Digital x-rays are better all the way around, both for the patient and the environment. No caustic chemicals are used in the development of digital x-rays.

Intraoral Camera

Have you wondered what the dentist sees when looking in your mouth? The intraoral camera allows the dentist and you to have a clear view of your teeth and the soft tissues in your mouth. We can see the front and back of every tooth with the intraoral camera.

Rotary Endodontics

Root canal therapy sounds intimidating. When infected, the canal in the root of the tooth needs to be cleaned of all dead and diseased tissue. In the past, this was done by hand instruments. Rotary endodontics uses a power-driven instrument to clean and shape the root canal. This provides a cleaner, more uniform canal for filling. It also means more predictable results.

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