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Protecting Your Smile Health Through the Holidays Dallas, GA
Dental Care Dallas GA

The holiday season is upon us. For most of us, it is a time to relax with family and friends and even indulge in your favorite foods. Be warned that while those rich meals and baked goods are certainly enjoyed by your taste buds, your teeth may struggle to find favor. In fact, your holiday traditions and habits may wreak havoc on your dental health if you are not careful. Here’s some tips to ensure your smile doesn’t suffer at the expense of your holiday fun:

Keep Water and Sugar-Free Gum Handy

While the holiday gatherings may be smaller this year, there is still likely to be food and treats involved. It may seem nearly impossible to brush and floss your teeth after every holiday grazing. Therefore, at the very least, try to keep a bottle of water and chewing gum nearby. The water can rinse away the harmful acids, food debris and bacteria from your holiday snacking and a piece of sugarless chewing gum can further support a cleaner, healthier mouth. Chewing gum also boosts your saliva production, which is your body’s best natural defense against bad breath, decay and tooth stains!

Stick to Your Routine

Are you traveling over the holidays? Will you be going to bed much later than usual or sleeping in every day? Don’t forget to abide by your routine oral care habits despite your “not-so-routine” holiday season. This is important, as neglecting to brush and floss can set you up for a host of dental problems for the new year.

Maximize Your Dental Benefits

Are you due for a dental cleaning? If you have dental insurance and you haven’t scheduled two visits this year, you’ll lose your benefits. Keep in mind that this is also a good time to book any restorative dental procedures that are lingering in your treatment plan. Neglecting a needed root canal, cracked tooth repair or dental crown could lead to significant discomfort over the next few weeks, which can quickly ruin your holiday spirit and bring your plans to a screeching halt.

At Family Smiles Dental, we look forward to caring for your smile all year long. When it comes to the holidays, however, it is important that patients “up their game” in taking care of their teeth. Don’t let your smile health get pushed aside in the busyness and excitement of the season!

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