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5 Ways to Avoid Denture Breath Dallas, GA
Covering Bad Breath

Is persistent bad breath keeping you from showing off your smile? As a denture wearer, you’ve invested notable amounts of time and money into replacing your missing teeth and regaining a beautiful smile. While your dentures are resistant to decay and stains, those prosthetic teeth are not exempt from bad odors. In fact, bad breath (or halitosis) can be more common in those who wear dentures compared to those who don’t.

Don’t worry; denture breath is not inevitable, but it may require some extra effort on your part to prevent it. Just like your natural teeth, your partial or full denture is susceptible to bacteria and plaque accumulation. When bacteria feeds, it produces foul-smelling Sulphur compounds that can cause others to back away when you speak or laugh. Unfortunately, the bacteria responsible for halitosis can get easily trapped underneath your dentures, which means you have to stay on top of your cleaning and maintenance.

If you struggle with “denture breath,” here are some ways to tackle it:

#1 Hydrate
Drinking lots of water benefits your entire body, including your mouth. Extra water throughout the day helps wash way food particles and bacteria from your dentures before they cause bad breath.

#2 Improve Your Denture Cleaning
Denture-related breath odor is most often the result of not cleaning them well enough. It is important that you not only give your dentures a thorough brushing, but also soak them overnight to kill 99.9% of denture germs. Ask your dentist about the best cleaning products and tools for dentures. Never sleep in your dentures!

#3 Review Your Medications
Dry mouth, or xerostomia, is also a leading cause of bad breath. Unfortunately, there are many prescriptions that cause dry mouth as a side effect. If you can’t avoid taking your medication or find an alternative option, talk to your dentist about dry mouth treatments you can use at home.

#4 Don’t Forget to Clean Your Gums and Tongue
As you dedicate your oral hygiene time to cleaning and soaking your dentures, don’t neglect what’s left in your mouth after you take your dentures out. Your gums and tongue also need a good brushing to remove lingering bacteria and food debris from the day. In fact, brushing inside your mouth before you insert your dentures can help stimulate proper circulation in your tissues as well as remove that stubborn plaque and stinky bacteria.

#5 Consider Dental Implants
Still battling denture breath after working extra hard to prevent it? You may want to consider implant dentures. Dental implants are secured to your jawbone and act as tooth roots for your full or partial denture. In doing so, they can be cared for like your natural teeth, and they are less likely to trap excess bacteria that causes bad breath.

Don’t let bad breath sabotage your teeth replacement solution. Call Family Smiles Dental today!

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