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Marietta Dallas, GA

Are you interested in signing up with a dentist near Marietta, GA? Family Smiles Dental is taking new patients. Our approach to dentistry for patients of all ages is unique. We want to learn about the challenges you have faced in maintaining oral health. The team members at our Georgia offices are professional and provide compassionate care.

Regardless of the condition of your oral health in Marietta, Family Smiles Dental can create an effective treatment strategy. We understand that some patients face obstacles when it comes to oral hygiene, attending checkups and treatments.

Dental phobia and life getting in the way are the two major factors that may prevent you from achieving that perfect smile. When you join Family Smiles Dental, education and understanding will help you reach your oral health goals. Patients will find that our offices promote relaxation and honest communication.

General, Cosmetic, Invisalign, Emergency Care and More

General dentistry is at the forefront of preventing major oral health issues. When you attend regular checkups with Family Smiles Dental close to Marietta, we can identify any underlying problems with teeth and gums. Providing early intervention treatment can help you avoid pain, discomfort and potential loss of teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is accessible to our Marietta patients at Family Smiles Dental. We offer affordable options to improve the appearance of teeth and smiles. Invisalign is also available for patients who wish to correct issues with crooked teeth. This treatment option is suitable for adults and teens at our Georgia practice.

Emergency dentistry from Family Smiles Dental can save damaged teeth. Whether you have suffered cracked, chipped or broken teeth in Marietta, we have solutions to restore a natural-looking smile. Our team can offer patients so much more in individualized dentistry. New patients will find that Family Smiles Dental is a friendly and welcoming practice in Georgia.

Contact Family Smiles Dental today to get your family scheduled for comprehensive examinations and experience excellence in dentistry near Marietta.

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