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Get Your Tooth Crowned in Just One Appointment Dallas, GA

Are you putting off your appointment to get a dental crown? It’s probably not because the procedure itself is uncomfortable, it’s more likely because of the time investment. If you need this tooth-saving endodontic treatment but keep a busy schedule, you should find a dentist who offers CEREC Same-Day Crown technology.

What is a Same-day Crown?

Most crowns require prepping your tooth, taking an impression, placing a temporary crown over it, and waiting two weeks. Once that time passes, your permanent crown is ready to be bonded over your tooth for good. The main reason for this lengthy process is that traditional crowns must be sent off to be made at an off-site lab.

At Family Smiles Dental, we have the advanced technology to streamline your dental crown treatment into a single office visit. CEREC same-day crowns are made right here in our office. This eliminates the two-week waiting period between prepping your tooth and having your new, permanent crown bonded in place.

How Does it Work?

A same-day crown uses 3-D scanning technology. After preparing your tooth, we will take a virtual scan or digital “impression ” of that area of your bite. This data is transferred into our in-house milling machine. There is no gooey impression material necessary – a major plus for those who have a sensitive gag reflex.

The computer software creates a virtual tooth to fit over the digital impression. Once we select the appropriate shade of resin, the machine immediately gets to work. While you lay back and relax, or have other treatment completed, your new crown can be custom fabricated just a few feet away. We can then bond it directly over your tooth for a permanent and beautiful restoration to walk away with. No uncomfortable temporary crown and no second appointment to deal with.

At Family Smiles Dental, we understand how hard it can be to work your oral care into a busy schedule. Our same-day crowns can help you get the treatment that you need, before your tooth breaks or incurs more serious damage. Call our Dallas dentist today to get started.

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