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Did you know that you can maintain good oral health by avoiding specific foods? There are foods that are high in acids and sugars and can cause severe problems for your teeth. If you neglect cleaning your teeth after eating such foods, or eat them too often, you could be facing tooth loss, gum disease, and even bone loss. That is why keeping your oral health in excellent condition can helps your smile in the long run. Our dentist, Dr. Hope Still with Family Smiles Dental in Dallas, Georgia, cares about your oral health and is happy to help you with these tips on foods to avoid.

Keep your positive oral health by avoiding these foods listed below:

– Any foods or drinks with high acid content.
– Hard candy is very unhealthy because it can fracture your teeth or increase your risk of dental erosion.
– Cavities can occur due to holes in your tooth enamel, so avoid substances that can eat through your enamel, which includes sugars and starches.
– The longer that food particles and debris are in contact with your teeth, the greater your risk for oral health catastrophe. Avoid sticky substances.
– Foods stuck between teeth can promote plaque buildup and tooth decay. Always floss your teeth or avoid foods that can end up wedged between teeth.

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