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Are you aware of the benefits that root canal therapy can provide for your smile? Through the use of a root canal therapy, a damaged or diseased pulp can be extracted. Failure to extract damaged pulp can lead to further tooth issues including eventual tooth loss. Millions of teeth every year are saved in dentistry thanks to root canal therapy treatments.

In situations where pulp will need to be extracted, includes any time that infection has occurred. If you have a deep cavity that has allowed infections to the pulp to occur, not only will the cavity need to be treated, but the pulp will also need to be extracted through root canal therapy. Furthermore, if you have had repeated dental procedures that have stripped away the tooth enamel on a tooth, your tooth will be susceptible to pulp infection. Similarly, oral accidents and injuries and microscopic damage that have breached the tooth enamel can leave your teeth susceptible to further pulp damage.

It’s never too late for root canal therapy from Family Smiles Dental. Enhancing your smile is as easy as picking up your phone and dialing 770-505-4746 to schedule root canal therapy with Dr. Hope Still and our team at our office in Dallas, Georgia.