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Tooth decay develops when bacteria that has been growing in your mouth exploits the tooth enamel–and this often occurs because of poor oral hygiene habits. Dr. Hope Still may be able to restore the tooth with just a dental filling if the decay is detected early. Once the tooth decay spreads, the tooth may be too damaged for conservative treatment such as a filling, and a dental crown may be your best option to save the tooth.

Dr. Hope Still begins the process of placing a dental crown by assessing the severity of your tooth. If the tooth is badly decayed, you may need root canal treatment to remove decay that has reached the dental pulp or tooth root. During this process, our dentist will remove the decayed structure and replace it with alternate materials to improve the health of the tooth.

After removing the tooth decay, our team will develop a highly detailed impression of the remaining tooth and neighboring teeth, which is sent to a dental lab to create the final tooth. To protect your vulnerable tooth structure, for now, we will attach a temporary crown.

We will contact you and schedule a second appointment when your permanent crown is ready. After removing the temporary crown, we use a dental-grade adhesive to cement your new crown in place.

Please feel free to call 770-505-4746 today and schedule an appointment with our friendly dentist at Family Smiles Dental if you have further questions or would like to receive a dental crown in Dallas, Georgia. We look forward to hearing from you!