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Your teeth play an important role in helping you bite off pieces and break down food to be safely swallowed. At the same time, the appearance of your teeth can also have an impact on your self-confidence when you smile.

In a case like this a dentist like Dr. Hope Still offers her patients a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatment to address problems like chronic dental stains, physical defects, discolored dental fillings, or other cosmetic imperfections. The specific nature of the defects will determine the treatment plan she puts forth.   

Patients suffering from significant dental stains might benefit from a dental bleaching treatment. Once this is done she can help you understand the necessary measures for maintaining white tooth enamel.  

Some patients opt for dental veneers to help improve the physical appearance of their front teeth. These are thin shells made from either dental grade porcelain or composite resin that mimic the appearance of naturally white tooth enamel.

A single tooth with a significant physical imperfection such as chipped tooth enamel, a dental fracture or old dental filling might need a dental crown restoration. This cosmetic restoration will essentially replace the tooth’s enamel layer with dental grade porcelain. It could also be used to address a misshapen tooth.

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