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Healthy gums provide the stepping stones to healthy teeth which in turn gives you a healthy, beautiful smile. Brushing and flossing every day goes a long way toward giving you healthy teeth and gums. But your gums can also benefit from the foods you eat. Let’s take a look at some gum-healthy foods to help your gums provide your teeth with strong support, keep valuable bone material from deteriorating in the mouth, and continue warding off oral bacteria that attack them through dental plaque.


1- The gums thrive when they get the proper nutrients they need. Vitamins and minerals that support their growth, just as they do your body. Leafy greens such as kale and spinach give your gums essentials including vitamin C. Vitamin C works to boost the red blood cells that can reduce inflammation in the gums. Other good ways to get vitamin C are eating citrus fruits and all colors of peppers. of all colors. Chewing leafy greens also has a side benefit of increasing saliva levels. Saliva has a unique function in that it washes away oral bacteria, plaque, and food particles which attack the gums when they coat them.


2- The calcium found in dairy also supports gum health through a protein called casein. Casein can neutralize harmful oral acids that are produced by bacteria that multiply in the mouth every day. Acids don’t just attack tooth enamel, they attack the gums as well. As acids build up on the gums it irritates them and causes inflammation and you can end up with swelling. You can supply your gums with casein by eating yogurt, cheese, and milk products.


3- When crunch on hard, fibrous vegetables and fruit (think apples, celery, and raw carrots) it loosens plaque sticking to the teeth in the areas between teeth and around the gumline. As these fibrous foods loosen plaque, it keeps your mouth feeling fresher as this debris is washed away by saliva. Remember, chewing boosts saliva production which keeps bacteria off the gumline.


Turns out, you can eat your way to healthier gums! Eat a gum-healthy diet, brush, and floss daily, and keep up with dental cleanings. Our Family Smiles Dental team in Dallas, Georgia is happy to schedule your next visit with Dr. Hope Still. Just call 770-505-4746 today!