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As the years go by, it’s always a good idea to look for new and interesting ways to protect your teeth. As our world changes so should our oral health care. New risks pop up around every corner, and a new year is a new opportunity to potentially suffer dental due to tooth hazards. However, a basic rule of thumb is to always have common sense and not use your teeth and gums for any functions that they are not prepared for.

It’s always a good idea to protect your smile from the risks of dental damage due to mouth jewelry such as tongue piercings. Tongue piercings are inserted directly into your tongue and can frequently cause nerve damage. In addition, tongue piercings can lacerate your gums, lead to severe bleeding, cause infection to occur, and can chip and crack teeth.

If you need an oral plan for an additional layer of safety, consider a tooth hazard prevention tool such as a mouth guard. Mouth guards can help prevent dental damage in the form of oral accidents or injuries associated with blunt trauma. They provide an additional layer of protection and can be customized for your exact dental impression. They also come preformed and ready-to-wear when purchased from local stores.

If you wish to protect your smile from the risk of dental trauma, exercise caution when biting into extremely hard products. Doing so can easily lead to oral accidents and injuries in the form of chipped or cracked teeth or knock teeth completely out. Even if you were able to buy these products at a younger age, your teeth might have weakened over time and doing so now will no longer be possible.

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